Henchman 350 Garden Barrow Trailer

Henchman 350 Garden Barrow Trailer

Detachable Bucket for Easy Emptying & Cleaning

  • A greater load with much less effort
  • Capacity of 350 litres plus more with extension sides
  • Excellent balance to take the strain off of arms and back
  • Move logs, clippings, compost or manure with relative ease and speed
  • Built of durable, single skinned heavy duty plastic moulding that will not corrode
  • Move up to 4 times the load of a normal barrow
  • Push or pull and tip completely with control and relative ease
  • Convert easily to a Barrow Trailer in under a minute
  • Add a net for increased capacity

  • Move as much as 4 times more material in one go than with a standard wheelbarrow.
  • Push or pull the load with one had or two, without risking your back.
  • Handle wet materials without rusting the polyethylene tub.
  • Tip to the vertical and empty the load with the draw bar still attached.
  • Keep your back straight when tipping, thanks to the variable handle positions.
  • Change from Barrow to Trailer or back, inside a minute.


Lenght 1570mm
Width 850mm
Height 450mm
Capacity 350 litres
Loading 250Kg

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