Henchman Garden Compost Tumbler 190

Henchman Compost Tumbler 190

Single chamber of 190 litres + 5 Year Warranty

  • Single chamber of around 190 litres capacity. 
  • Double skinned wall for added insualation.
  • Can process 1500  litres of compostable material per season
  • Lid easily lifts off for easy loading/unloading
  • Drum locks into position to prevent tipping when filling or emptying
  • Easy to turn even with a full load
  • Ideal for the small to medium lawned garden
  • Elevated position eliminates access by vermin
  • Neat enough to "hide" in even in the smallest garden;
  • Sturdy construction with a full 5 year guarantee
  • Various accessories available for increased productivity
  •  5 Year Warranty

​Size Specificatons for the whole Compost Tumbler range available here (opens in new window).

  • Make your own compost most of the year round.
  • Recycle up to 190 litres of garden waste every 3-4 weeks.
  • Produce hundreds of litres of home-grown compost yearly.
  • Reduce paper, cardboard and kitchen throw outs.
  • Return garden 'waste' to the garden in the form of nutrient rich compost.
  • Rely on yourself for nutrient compost, not the local garden centre!
  • Easily tip out compost, or add new materials, thanks to the removable hatch.
  • Spin even a full drum easily.
  • Reduce the hard work of turning slow and heavy outdoor heaps.
  • Keep vermin away.
  • Look after your environment.
  • Rely less on bonfires.
  • Keep the garden looking clean and tidy.
  • Take a step further towards self sustainability.
  • Lock into position to prevent tipping

STORAGE & Maintenance: 

All hot composting methods grind to a halt during the winter months when temperatures keep dropping below a few degrees, as they can not maintain any heat.

Our compost Tumblers therefore, should be emptied and covered during the Winter months. A cover is available in the accessories section of any Tumbler product page.

Maintenance should be carried out in accordance with the user manual and should include applying heavy duty grease to all threads and nuts on assembly and again at the onset of winter - these parts trap moisture and are most vulnerable to the elements.

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